Gurjot New York Provides Both Custom and Ready-to-Wear Workwear for Women
Gurjot New York, Custom and Ready-to-Wear Businesswear for Women

Our Lines

The Gurjot New York Ready Collection

Gurjot New York Ready® is a luxury workwear collection designed for the successful corporate woman. You care about your work and are rapidly advancing in your career. You are Ready... Ready to Lead, Ready to Shine, Ready to Impress.

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The Ready Collection is inspired by the custom tailoring Gurjot New York has perfected over the last several years. There are no compromises here--Ready is made of the best Super 100 Italian wool, pure silk linings, unparalleled quality stitching and the best fit you will find anywhere. This is what you should be wearing to work.

Ready consists of a foundational wardrobe of jackets, slacks, skirts, dresses and tops that will be your go-to pieces for years to come. We also offer alterations to Ready, so your pieces will fit you perfectly. Experience the luxury of the Ready Collection and dress like the powerful woman you are.

Shop Ready online, or make an appointment to come in and try on pieces at our Showroom Boutique in NYC, open Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM, and evenings and weekends by appointment.

To make an appointment, book online or email Alex Laas at

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The Gurjot New York Ready Collection

Ready Select is a wonderful opportunity for Gurjot New York clients to get a customized piece without having to pay a full custom price. With Ready Select you can:

  • Order pieces from the Ready Collection at the base price
  • Pay a one-time upcharge to have a pattern made just for you to fit your body perfectly--this is particularly valuable to petite clients or clients who have never been able to find the perfect fit

The result is a Gurjot New York piece that fits you absolutely perfectly! We will keep your pattern on file so that for future pieces you don't need to pay an upcharge. You just order your pieces at Ready Collection Prices.

Other exciting options to customize the Ready Collection for a small additional fee include:

  • Change the color of an existing silk essential blouse
  • Choose your own fabric (Super 130-160) and silk lining from hundreds of options to make a jacket, pant, skirt or dress uniquely your own

Check out the exciting pieces we're making for clients on our instagram.

To learn more about Ready Select and how to get your own personalized pieces, email Alex Laas at

Gurjot New York Custom Made Businesswear

The Custom Collection is hand-tailored in New York to your exact specifications. Our Custom pieces feel absolutely exquisite on.

In our Custom work, in addition to suiting we design cocktail dresses, evening gowns, wedding attire, and black-tie outfits. Or we can recreate your favorite pieces from 20 years ago.

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Our Custom pieces are made from the highest-quality silks, laces, and wools made in Italy and England. You will not find this level of quality in fabric and construction anywhere else.

Take a break from your busy day and enjoy the luxurious and relaxing Custom experience at Gurjot New York!

How It Works

  • Step One: Make an appointment to meet us at our Showroom Boutique in NYC or at your office by calling us at 646-852-6264 or emailing Alex Laas at

  • Step Two: At our meeting, we will discuss what you most want and need out of your attire. We will also take your measurements and fit you in one of our many samples. You choose your favorite silhouette, fabric, linings, and any additional features you might want.

  • Step Three: Gurjot New York will make patterns just for you and produce your pieces in New York. We will schedule several fittings to try on test pieces (muslins) to ensure your custom pieces fit you perfectly and that you are completely satisfied.

  • Step Four: Within two to four weeks expect to be wearing your new Gurjot New York wardrobe, made in New York and uniquely tailored to fit you perfectly! Your personal patterns will be kept on file to make any pieces you need in the future.

Gurjot New York Men's

Gurjot New York is bringing the quality and luxury experience our clients have enjoyed for years to men. Our Made-to-Measure and Custom men's suiting provides a contemporary and customizable look for the modern man.

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We'll guide you through our unique fitting process and help you select the best fabric and styles for your look. There are many classic and modern options to choose from to create your perfect silhouette. We like to call it "classic with a modern edge". Our clients that are early in their careers feel our suits give them the credibility they need to succeed. Our more experienced clients feel our suits give them a modern look that shows they are in keeping with the times.

Made-to-measure suits are completed in 4-5 weeks.

Custom suiting is ready in approximately 6 weeks, and includes multiple fittings of your suit before final stitching is done, to ensure that it fits like a second skin. Custom suits are hand-made in New York by an Italian tailor.

To schedule an appointment, please email Alex Laas at

We look forward to treating you to an amazing experience.

Gurjot New York Luxury Uniforms

Gurjot New York works with luxury brands to provide high-quality, sophisticated uniforms that give companies a consistent and professional experience for their customers. Unlike standard uniform manufacturers, we have an expertise in luxury design and understand what the luxury customer wants. Luxury Uniforms is a natural fit for our company, because the luxury client is the Gurjot New York client.

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Our Unique Uniform Development Process

  • Uniform Brand Definition: Identify how the brand will be conveyed in the new uniforms through preliminary research and consultation
  • Design Specific Pieces: Develop concepts and sketches of each proposed piece
  • Patternmaking: Create patterns for each piece in a base size
  • Muslin: Develop draft (muslin) pieces based on initial sketches to review and fine-tune garment details and silhouettes
  • Fittings: Fit pieces on fit model to identify needed changes
  • First Sample: Develop final samples of each piece for approval
  • Fabric Sourcing: Source and present a variety of fabric colors, weights and compositions to assist in finalizing selections
  • Sizing Charts: Based on research of major global brands, develop recommended sizing charts in regular and petite sizing for uniforms
  • Production Management: Help coordinate and manage uniform production and delivery