Gurjot New York Provides Both Custom and Ready-to-Wear Workwear for Women
Gurjot New York, Custom and Ready-to-Wear Businesswear for Women

WAVE and Gurjot New York

On October 30, Gurjot New York teamed up with WAVE, the Women’s Association of Venture & Equity, to host a fabulous night of networking and cocktails. Check out images from the event below:


How To Dress for a Board Meeting

You’re on the Board of Directors of your company or organization, and it is time for your quarterly meeting. Decisions need to be made, points driven and you must be on your A game. An air of confidence and authority is necessary if you want your voice to be heard. Incorporating wardrobe elements that command attention, yet don’t distract from the points you’re trying to make are key in running a successful meeting. With these three key outfit components, you can’t go wrong.

Power Blazer: A true power blazer is based on three main components: quality, construction and functionality. Superior fabrications, impeccable tailoring and thoughtful touches, such as a lipstick pocket, are necessary in making you feel your very best. Make sure it fits perfectly to avoid fidgeting in the meeting – you should be ready to go the second you walk through the conference room door.

Pencil Skirt: You are a strong female leader, and no piece of clothing says that more than a pencil skirt. It should be fitted but not too tight, and hit either right above or below the knee. Wearing a skirt says you are confident in a room full of men and aren’t afraid to show your powerful feminine demeanor.

Pop of Color: You don’t want to show up in an orange suit, but your outfit should stand out among a sea of black and navy to command attention. Choose a color that complements your outfit and skin tone – it should be working with you, not fighting against you. A bright silk blouse is a great way to go. Not only will the natural fiber keep you cool, its multifaceted luster will guarantee all eyes on you without distracting from what you’re trying to say.


Beauty Tips for the Busy Executive

No matter what industry you call home, we all have something in common as working women: the morning rush. Even if you choose your outfit the night before and have your bag packed and ready to go, a lengthy beauty routine can completely foil your intentions to be timely. But there are ways to pare down your morning regime so you still look fresh and beautiful without scrambling to get out the door in time. Try these four beauty tips for the busy executive, and you’ll see what we mean.

Silver Essential Blouse from Gurjot New York
Tinted Moisturizer: Ladies: never underestimate the power of an amazing tinted moisturizer. It creates a smooth base for makeup and can be used with or without foundation depending on the coverage you want and time you’re willing to spend. Our favorite? Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm is the perfect lightweight formula, providing incredible coverage, SPF30 sun protection, hydration and anti-aging effects, all in the minute it takes to apply.

Versatile Eye Palette: Want to make sure your eyeshadow stays in place all day? All you actually need is a great primer and professional formula packed with botanicals and highly-pigmented color. Once you try Lorac’s PRO Palette Eye Shadow, complete with the incredible Behind The Scenes Primer, you’ll never want anything less in your makeup bag.

Lengthening Mascara: This goes without saying, but a great mascara will up the ante of your look tenfold. It brightens and highlights the eyes, making the slightest sign of fatigue disappear. Diorshow is our go-to when we need an extreme pick-me-up, never failing to provide long, thick lashes with a few swipes of the wand.

Texturizing Spray: No time to wash your hair before work? As great alternative to dry shampoo, texturizing spray will give body to limp hair and provide a matte finish. We love everything Oribe, and their Dry Texturizing Spray is a winner.



The Blazer

The single most powerful piece in a professional woman’s wardrobe, the power blazer sets the tone for your look.  A crucial investment in the executive wardrobe, an elegant, high quality blazer is based on three key elements: quality, construction, and functionality.   Take a look at each value and keep them in mind when making your power blazer purchase.  Whether you are buying for the corporate boardroom, the courtroom, or the creative business, each value should be taken into consideration.

Quality: You can never underestimate high quality fabrics when investing in such a staple item like the power blazer.  Sure you’re choosing wool, but what kind of wool?  Yes that lining shines like silk, but is it the type of silk that will keep you comfortable throughout an eleven hour work day? How will that collar hold up after 50 dry cleans? Bespoke blazer wool will be defined as “super 150”, the level of the highest quality wool, and luxury blazers at the level “super 120”.  Also be sure that  100% silks are used to line the blazer, rather than rayon or polyester linings that may either rip out, be itchy, or fade after only a few wears.

Construction: The real investment of the power blazer is in the hidden elements.  Construction of the canvas (the front panel inner lining that gives you a smooth, refined look of authority), stitching, and careful tailoring, are all parts of what gets you the best quality, most reliable blazer.   Be sure to find out where the blazer was manufactured, if the canvas and lining feels sturdy, in tact, and  check the seam stitching.  It takes a surprising number of pieces to pattern together a blazer, and every piece is instrumental to securing your polished power look.

Functionality: The power blazer is also the most versatile and helpful piece of your work uniform.  It streamlines your overall look, therefore streamlining your thoughts before you step to the head of that big meeting.  The functional inner pockets are where you store your secret weapons.  Make sure that your blazer pockets are big enough to hold your smart phone, a small wallet, business notes, as well as passport or train tickets.   You can even throw your iPod in there for some pre-meeting motivation.  We understand the needs of the power woman, and include custom sized tampon and lipgloss pockets, crucial tools of the trade.


Gurjot New York’s Chicago Debut!

The Gurjot New York team had the pleasure of showcasing our collection in Downtown Chicago on October 4! We absolutely love Chicago and would like to thank everyone who came to our event. We plan to be back in Chicago on January 16, so look out for us next year!

Check out images from our Chicago debut below!