Gurjot New York Provides Both Custom and Ready-to-Wear Workwear for Women
Gurjot New York, Custom and Ready-to-Wear Businesswear for Women

Gurjot New York and 85 Broads present the Forever Collection at the Core Club

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Photography by Nabila Abdel Nabi

The Working Wardrobe's article on Gurjot New York

The Working Wardrobe covers our fashion show at the Core Club in their article here!


Janet Hanson, CEO of 85 Broads, rocks a Gurjot New York scarf at the 85 Broads event at the New World Symphony in Miami on September 17, 2012.


Executive Chic

Elena rocks her gold pinstriped wrap with a tailored jacket. She adds a touch of elegance with a gold silk flat ruffle scarf, a touch of prowess with her animal print pumps, and a fabulous pop of color with her green show me the money bag!


Canvas matters. Time to get excited about it.

My first blog, to you, my precious clients, is about something very, very important.


No, not the kind you paint on, nor the kind your sneakers might be made of.

I mean the kind in your suit jacket. At least, in the suit jacket you should be wearing.

So what’s the big deal?

Canvas, also called horsehair, is traditionally used to provide structure and create a smooth look in the front of men’s jackets. It runs from the shoulder right down to the bottom front of the jacket. Canvas construction is a hallmark of quality tailoring. Classic tailors spend their lives mastering the art of the canvas.

Interior View of a Men’s Jacket with Full Canvas Construction

Canvas is the transformative secret.

Gurjot New York jackets contain nearly six delicate layers of special fabric between the silk lining touching you and the exterior fabric of the jacket front. Most women’s jackets contain none.

Without canvas, fabric just hangs, as it does on most women’s jackets, which are essentially glorified blouses. Canvas is a hidden armor that creates a crisp silhouette on the outside. It causes fabric to lay flat or curve where needed–while keeping the jacket sharp and polished. It makes the look. It makes the woman.

Who wouldn’t want that?

The Gurjot New York Full Canvas Jacket for Women 

Why is canvas so important that takes the position of first blog? Until now there’s been nearly no canvas in women’s jackets. My research shows that’s because most designers believe women don’t want canvas, that their jackets should be “soft like them”. Or, that putting canvas in a jacket is not technically feasible on a woman’s body. Can’t be done, they said, wouldn’t work.

Well guess what, I tried it! It took over a year and many samples, but I developed a combination of canvas layers that beautifully “suit” a woman’s body.

Now, with this jacket on, you are superwoman.

Your jacket with canvas speaks for you. You walk into a room, and don’t need to say a word. Your jacket has already said it: “Look at me. I’ve got it together. You want me on your team”.

The canvas. It matters.


From Gurjot’s Desk


Dear Friends,

The Gurjot New York Community is about sharing experiences and ideas on how to thrive in the business world. I have been in the workforce for nearly 20 years, and have witnessed the inspiring evolution of how women dress and are perceived in the workplace.

Women today are half of the US workforce. I view this as exciting news, but I believe we can do more for ourselves. We can present and position ourselves at every level to get the assignments we want, build the careers we want, and enjoy our lives the way we want to. The building blocks to reach this goal start with perception and presentation.

I remember at my first job out of Business School, I was one of the first women to wear a pantsuit. My partner looked at me and said “I didn’t know it was casual day”. I probably paid more for my suit than he did, but that is how I was perceived!

Today women wearing pants (or a skirt or a dress, for that matter) to work is a non-issue. But exactly what to wear is. The infinite style options can be perplexing—open toe or closed toe? Is this dress too casual for business casual? How can I be taken seriously while preserving my own style? Add to that my belief that our options for buying truly quality clothing that really makes us shine are very limited, and the puzzle becomes even more confusing.

Through our Blog, Style Guide, and periodic in-depth articles here, I hope to offer a solution to this and many other problems. I look forward to hearing your perspective and about your needs as a woman professional.

Thank You and Best Regards,