Gurjot New York Provides Both Custom and Ready-to-Wear Workwear for Women
Gurjot New York, Custom and Ready-to-Wear Businesswear for Women

Duff & Phelps Network of Women at the Showroom, December 4

Last week Gurjot New York hosted Duff & Phelps at our showroom for a spectacular event! Check out images below:


Filming for “Minding Your Business” with June Middleton, September 19

This month, Gurjot New York was invited as a guest on June Middleton’s wonderful show about entrepreneurs, “Minding Your Business.” We had the opportunity to showcase some of our collection on real women models as June interviewed CEO Gurjot Sidhu. We had a wonderful time!

Check out images of the filming below, and, if you’re in the New York area, be sure to check out June’s show on Tuesdays at 6:30 on channel 56 (Time Warner) and channel 34 (Verizon), or visit her YouTube channel.


Styled to Lead, September 4

Gurjot New York teamed up with Lady Drinks and Running with Heels to put on a fabulous event in the GNY Showroom Boutique. We had makeup artist Saray Barbosa, photographer Alyssa Peek, shoe specialist True Gault, Jewelry Designer Neeta King, health coach Kylie Deppen and stylist Tania Sterl to make our wonderful attendees look and feel fantastic. Check out images by photographer Jen Painter from the event below!


Women’s Advancement Compact with Gurjot New York

Gurjot New York teamed up with Women’s Advancement Compact to put on an amazing event in the GNY Showroom Boutique where CEO Gurjot Sidhu gave a talk on how to best utilize your wardrobe for both work and play. Check out images from the event below!


Sleeveless for Summer

sleeveless top

Summer is here, which always brings up everyone’s favorite question – is it appropriate to go sleeveless in the office? This is a debate that seems to come up every year, and there is truly no answer that is right or wrong for anyone. But by following a few guidelines, you can easily discover if you should bare arms or not.

First and foremost, you should always reference your company’s dress code, or a supervisor, when it comes to questions of proper attire. If it clearly states in your handbook that sleeveless is a no-go, then it’s best to respect the rules and save your tanks for the weekend. In addition to the stated dress code, office environment is another factor to consider. If you work in a more conservative environment, like a law or consulting firm, we find many women show up to meetings in a cardigan or jacket. In more creative and relaxed environments like tech and advertising, it’s more common to see women walking around in sleeveless tops. In the end, do what makes you feel comfortable. If you like to bare arms in the comfort of your own office but prefer to layer up for meetings, that is the way to go. Many women we’ve spoken to said seniority is also a factor. If you’ve put in years of hard work at a company, and you feel confident you’ve “earned” the right to go sleeveless because everyone is already aware of your credentials, we say go for it.

Whether you can walk around the office all day with a sleeveless top or need to wear one under a blazer, silk is always the way to go. Not only does it look professional, it’s the perfect fabric to take your look from day to night. Silk is a natural fiber, so it will also keep you cool, even on the hottest days. Our sleeveless tops come in a number of rich hues so you can truly make your working wardrobe your own. And with our Ready Select program, you can customize them with the silks of your choice.

To shop the Gurjot Ready Collection, visit our online store. If you want to shop the collection in person with a private fitting, you can now book an appointment on our website as well.