Gurjot New York Provides Both Custom and Ready-to-Wear Workwear for Women
Gurjot New York, Custom and Ready-to-Wear Businesswear for Women

The Power Suit

Our Madison Jacket Means Business

January 27th, 2014


Wouldn’t you say it’s time to bring some structure to your style? When it comes to workwear, women professionals should expect the same high quality out of their business attire that men receive without question. Here at Gurjot New York, our jackets mean business, designed with the same top-notch quality as a man’s suit and then some. Timeless in its design, our Madison Jacket is polished and versatile, perfect for wearing with a skirt, pants or your favorite sheath dress. Not only can you wear it to work, this blazer is perfect for channeling the menswear-inspired trend seen on the runways as of late. Our favorite way to wear it on the weekend? Sport it with jeans, a feminine floral shirt and a great pair of brogues for brunch, shopping or wherever your day off will take you.

menswear trends
Examples of the menswear trend on the runway: Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Rag & Bone
We could talk all day about how great our Madison Jacket is, but what about it makes it better than the rest? Canvas is our transformative secret. Also known as horsehair, canvas is traditionally used to provide structure and create a smooth look in the front of men’s jackets, running from the shoulder right down to the bottom front. Canvas construction is a hallmark of quality tailoring, and classic tailors spend their lives mastering the art. Gurjot New York jackets contain nearly six delicate layers of special fabric between the silk lining and the exterior fabric of the jacket front. Most women’s jackets contain none. Without canvas, fabric just hangs, making your average women’s jacket essentially a glorified blouse. Canvas is a hidden armor that creates a crisp silhouette on the outside. It causes fabric to lay flat or curve where needed while keeping the jacket sharp and polished.

Along with looking fantastic, The Madison Jacket is one of the most functional you’ll ever own. It comes fully equipped with interior pockets for a phone, ID, lipstick and tampon, so you will feel prepared no matter what the day may bring. But don’t believe us, check out the Madison Jacket on our website and try it on for size.


The Blazer

October 20th, 2013

The single most powerful piece in a professional woman’s wardrobe, the power blazer sets the tone for your look.  A crucial investment in the executive wardrobe, an elegant, high quality blazer is based on three key elements: quality, construction, and functionality.   Take a look at each value and keep them in mind when making your power blazer purchase.  Whether you are buying for the corporate boardroom, the courtroom, or the creative business, each value should be taken into consideration.

Quality: You can never underestimate high quality fabrics when investing in such a staple item like the power blazer.  Sure you’re choosing wool, but what kind of wool?  Yes that lining shines like silk, but is it the type of silk that will keep you comfortable throughout an eleven hour work day? How will that collar hold up after 50 dry cleans? Bespoke blazer wool will be defined as “super 150”, the level of the highest quality wool, and luxury blazers at the level “super 120”.  Also be sure that  100% silks are used to line the blazer, rather than rayon or polyester linings that may either rip out, be itchy, or fade after only a few wears.

Construction: The real investment of the power blazer is in the hidden elements.  Construction of the canvas (the front panel inner lining that gives you a smooth, refined look of authority), stitching, and careful tailoring, are all parts of what gets you the best quality, most reliable blazer.   Be sure to find out where the blazer was manufactured, if the canvas and lining feels sturdy, in tact, and  check the seam stitching.  It takes a surprising number of pieces to pattern together a blazer, and every piece is instrumental to securing your polished power look.

Functionality: The power blazer is also the most versatile and helpful piece of your work uniform.  It streamlines your overall look, therefore streamlining your thoughts before you step to the head of that big meeting.  The functional inner pockets are where you store your secret weapons.  Make sure that your blazer pockets are big enough to hold your smart phone, a small wallet, business notes, as well as passport or train tickets.   You can even throw your iPod in there for some pre-meeting motivation.  We understand the needs of the power woman, and include custom sized tampon and lipgloss pockets, crucial tools of the trade.


Hot Summer Weather Calls for Skirts

July 30th, 2013

It’s hot here in NYC as August is a mere few days away, and we can’t even think about wearing pants to work right now. In all honesty, summer may be the most difficult time for professional women and men alike, when a suit is the last thing you want to put on in the morning. Lucky for us ladies, we have the option of a pencil skirt.

power suit

This power suit staple is unique because it is the one piece that acts as the dividing line between women’s and men’s business attire. It gives more options when dressing for the office, especially in the hot summer months. How can you find the perfect pencil skirt? Keep these three tips in mind when shopping, and you can’t go wrong.

Length: Just look at the ladies of of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce for hemline inspiration. A pencil skirt should hit either right above the knee or directly below as not to cut your legs in half and make them look stumpy. Remember, a hem shorter than an inch or two above the knee should be kept from the conservative workspace.

Lining: Have you ever stepped into a silk-lined pencil skirt? If so, you know you could never go back to your old ways. A luxurious lining is the most important part of the skirt, providing both structure and all-day comfort to the wearer. Lined in 100% pure silk, our Bryant Skirt look chic and feels so comfortable, you’ll have to try one on to believe it.

Fit: There is one cardinal mistake many women make when choosing a pencil skirt. They buy it too tight and it stretches tightly across the body, causing it to bunch and ride-up. Make sure your pencil skirt is fitted enough to accentuate curves, but you should be able to breathe as you lead that board meeting too.


The Silk Blouse

July 16th, 2013

We don’t know about you, but it’s blazing hot at Gurjot headquarters here in NYC. Even though temperatures are supposed to soar into triple digits this week, we know it’s not a valid excuse to waltz into the office in cutoffs and a tank top. But there is another way to stay cool and look professional at the same time.

gurjot new york ready

You can never have too many shirts for the office, especially if you’re wearing a power suit five days a week. The classic button-up is a staple every woman needs in her working wardrobe, but what to wear when summer temperatures are rising or the occasion calls for a more feminine option? A silk blouse is perfect paired with a skirt or pant suit because it is professional and chic by day, ladylike and sexy by night. How can you find the perfect silk blouse that will take you from the office to a dinner party? Look for these three key components when shopping, and you’re bound to find an ideal match.

Fabric: When shopping for a silk blouse, don’t forget the silk itself! There are synthetic fabrics out there that look and feel like silk, but don’t be fooled by a cheap imitation of the real thing. A 100% silk blouse may cost more than its non-natural cousins, but it will allow you to breathe, keeping your body cool in stressful situations. The last thing you need is a sweat stain in the next board meeting.

Color: It’s never wise to jump on the craziest print you can find when shopping for a silk blouse to go under your favorite power suit. But don’t be afraid of adding a splash of color to your look with rich jewel tones. A bold fuchsia or rich purple silk blouse will bring a subtle, eye-catching element to your daytime look and is a fun way to seamlessly transition into evening, just by removing your blazer.

Versatility: Love a ruffle design detail but aren’t sure how often you can wear a blouse embellished as so? Luckily, Gurjot New York has thought of everything for the Ready Collection, including a removable ruffle that snaps into silk blouses for a quick, fun and flirty addition when you’re feeling a little extra flair.


5 Most Awkward Places to Slip Into Work Heels

July 8th, 2013

palin shoe change
There is nothing wrong with rolling into work in a pair of sensible flats to save your feet some pain. Ideally, we all want to wear heels that are easy to walk and commute in, but there are some stilettos just too high and mighty for the subway. We’ve all been struck with the conundrum of where to change into work heels without anyone noticing. Well ladies, there truly is a right and wrong answer to where and how this should be done. Hopefully you’re avoiding the five most awkward places to slip into work heels below.

Riding the train. And by train, we mean the subway. If you take a larger, cleaner commuter train to work, by all means, subtly change your shoes before exiting. But if you ride the subway and risk mystery germs and spilled liquids touching your precious toes? Don’t even think about removing your shoes. It will creep everyone out, including yourself.

On the street. Just don’t do it, ladies. Standing on the street corner down the block from your office, clumsily hopping from one foot to the other trying to change into your heels is bound to draw unwanted attention. Even if you don’t see anyone you know, someone from your department is bound to spot you, and you don’t want that kind of fashion faux pas on your conscience.

In the coffee shop. You stop in the same Starbucks every day, meaning 1,000 other people stop in the same Starbucks every day. You recognize them, they recognize you. Don’t be that woman who takes her latte with a side of work wedges.

The elevator. Think any of the Mad Men ladies would be caught dead changing their shoes in the building elevator? Take a note from the working women of yore and look put together before you decide to step foot in the office.

On stage. One more reason we don’t want to hear what Sarah Palin has to say? She changes her shoes on a pedestal for all to see. FAIL.

So where is the best place to slip into power heels? The answer is underneath your desk. It is the subtlest way to make the switch, and, chances are, no one is paying attention to your feet at 8:30 in the morning when you first walk inside. But do make sure to wear a handsome pair of flats just in case because those clunky white sneakers don’t do your custom power suit justice.